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"Trio One Eight Zero” for flute, cello, and piano was released on a CD entitled KAPH, distributed by Phasma Music in Athens, Greece.

October 24, 2021 PAPER PRESENTED

"Four Drums, One Player: The Artistic and Pedagogical Merits of the Unaccompanied Concert Tom-Tom Solo." At the annual meeting of the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI) at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX.


October 7, 2021 PAPER PRESENTED

"Non-western Music at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition: Cultural Inclusion or Patronizing Exploitation?" At the National Conference of the College Music Society (CMS) in Rochester, NY.


ROAD TRAVERSED AND REVERSED by Daniel Adams on the CD "Patterns: Chamber Works" (Navona Records 2019)

“Daniel Adams’ two marimba work Road Traversed and Reversed opens with attention-grabbing marimba rolls, then lots of exciting repeated notes, tight contrapuntal playing and grooves.” - Tina Kiik, The Whole Note Magazine, November issue.

"Daniel Adams' Road Traversed and Reversed engenders a mid-album shift into percussion territory, with the single-movement setting featuring marimba playing by Robert McCormick and Lee Hinkle. A restrained, explorative intro sets a ruminative scene, after which thematic patterns emerge, some of them swinging but all of them unfolding like some impassioned conversation where ideas spill forth rapidly." - Textura Journal, September Issue.


SOLSTICE INTROSPECT by Daniel Adams on the CD "Sustain" (Navona Records 2019)

"After moving back and forth between keyboard percussion and solo piano, we find Solstice Introspect by Daniel Adams... Using the astrological reading of a winter solstice as its program, this piece explicitly sets out to explore the sonic possibilities of the attack and sustain in a keyboard instrument, much like the album itself. After the clearly melodic and directional nature of Van Twillert’s Adagio for Piano, the upwelling jangle that opens Solstice Introspect immediately grabs the ear." Read Full Review of Solstice Introspect



Featured Video: Hibernal Shadow by Daniel Adams
World premiere performed by Texas Chamber Symphony, conducted by Kaleb Benda, December 18,2021.

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