• Multiple Views from a Window

    Phasma Music

  • KAPH

    Phasma Music

  • Drift

    Navona Records (NV6318)

  • Pipes and Drums, New Concertos for Unusual Instruments

    Capstone Records (CPS8802)

  • Shadow On Mist

    Ravello Records (RR7824)

  • Untaming the Fury

    Summit Records (DCD 346)

  • Twilight Remembered

    Ravello Records (RR7967)

  • Melange

    Capstone Records (CPS8721)

  • Greetings From Nacusa


  • Marimba Concerti

    Ravello Records (RR7952)

  • Tympanum Ubïquitäs

    HoneyRock (HRCD005)

  • Culture Samples

    Ravello Records (RR7834)

  • Music for Keyboard Percussions

    Ravello Records (RR7804)

  • McDuo

    Ravello Records (RR7814)

  • Praxis

    Potenza Music

  • Theatrical Music for Solo Percussion

    Albany Records (Troy 1524)

  • Millennial Masters Volume 9

    Ablaze Records (ar00049)

  • HE

    Phasma Music, Athens, Greece

  • Sustain

    Navona Records (NV6207)

  • Patterns

    Navona Records (NV6243)

  • Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra

    Ravello Records (RR7820)