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Compositions for percussion solo or ensemble available through Steve Weiss Music 
and at Studio 4, Malltech, Mostly Marimba Catalogue, Daniel Adams


Additional compositions available through Daniel Adams


Symphony Orchestra and Band

Hibernal Shadow (2021) for chamber orchestra


Transmorphic Variations (2010) for concert band with euphonium solo

​Distancias Cambiantes (2008) for string orchestra

Concerto for Timpani, Percussion, and Winds (2004) for symphonic wind ensemble. Mostly Marimba Publications

Isorhythmic Concerto (1998) for multiple percussion solo and symphonic wind ensemble. Studio Four Music

Matecumbe Maelstrom (1993) for chamber orchestra

Two Orchestral Etudes (1987)

Textiles (1986) for symphony orchestra

​Recollection (1981) for symphonic wind ensemble


Voice and Chorus

By Some Better Name  (2020) Three Romantic Songs on texts by Scots-Irish Poets 

Where Does it End?  (2008) for tenor voice with piano, with text by Jeffrey Glenn Miller.

The Mangroves Dance  (2007) for mixed choir SATB, text by Rose Strong Hubbell

As a Fever, Longing Still  (2002) for soprano voice and Bb clarinet, text based on three Shakespearean Sonnets, Dorn Publications.

Impressions of Texas Poem (1991) for mixed chorus, with text by Hermine Pinson)

Three Subtropical Vistas (1988) for mezzo soprano and percussionist, with text by Stephen Cochran Singleton). C. Alan Publications

Aftermath (1994) for soprano, mezzo soprano, tenor, clarinet, piano, percussion, cello, with text by Daniel Adams. 

Mixed Chamber Ensemble

Incalmo (2021) for bass clarinet and piano


Recursive Dialogue (2019) for clarinet and multiple percussion, Alea Publishing


Conveyance (2019) for two bass clarinets and piano, Alea Publishing

Muncie Mix (2018) for clarinet and viola. Alea Publishing

​Transitory Liaisons ​(2017) for four bass clarinets and percussion ensemble. Alea Publishing

Cumin (2014) for flute and percussion

Odds are Even (2014) for flute, bass clarinet and piano.

Refractive Variants (2012) for alto flute and guitar

...for the frozen sea inside us (2012) for flute and tuba

Intrusions (2010) for oboe, bassoon and piano

Two and One (2008) for flute, cello and piano

Episodic Variations (2005) for trumpet and organ

Among Echoing Presences (2003) for trumpet, viola and percussion

Between (2003) for flute and marimba. Dorn Publications

Equipoise (1998) for saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor) and marimba/vibraphone. Studio Four Music

Everglades Monet (1997) for flute, percussion and cello. Dorn Publications

Mangrove Memoir (1996) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, violin, viola, and cello

Augustine Shadows (1996) for oboe and piano. Dorn Publications

Windward Passage (1995) for violin/marimba and string quartet

Catalysts (1993) for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet

Dissident Voices (1993) for flute, bassoon, piano, guitar, cello, and spoken text

Twilight Remembered (1989) for flute and percussionist. C. Alan Publications

Syzygy (1988) for violin and marimba. Colla Voce Music

Archipelago (1987) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, and cello

Dimensions Polyphonic (1986) for alto flute, percussionist, violin and cello

Consorts (1984) for two percussionists and large chamber ensemble

Morphogeny (1984) for three oboes and large chamber ensemble

Focus (1983) for bassoon and vibraphone

Five Miniatures for Clarinet and Guitar (1981.  Dorn Publications

Collage (1981) for chimes and piano

Woodwind: Solo/Ensemble

Sawtooth Squared (2020) for double reed duo. 


Eulerian Circles (2018) for alto saxophone solo

Of Sand and Fire (2017) for Bb clarinet and Bb bass clarinet (one player). This work is also orchestrated for clarinet, bass clarinet and Eb clarinet. Alea Publishing

Vertices (2016) for clarinet ensemble. Alea Publishing

Reflecting Pool  (2015) for Bb clarinet and Bb bass clarinet. Alea Publishing

Congruent Verses  (2013) for English Horn Solo

The Sleep of Reason  (2011) for flute with electronic accompaniment

Centrifugal Fanfare (2009) for saxophone quartet

Serpentine Glow (2009) for bass flute solo

Double Nostalgia (2008) for tenor saxophone solo

Ambivalence Recalled (2005) for flute solo. Dorn Publications.

Confluence (1993) for Bb bass clarinet solo. Dorn Publications.

Pastels (1989) for flute quartet (piccolo, 2 C-flutes, alto flute in G)

Broken Obelisk (1989) for flute and Bb clarinet. Dorn Publications.

Kinetic (1988) for oboe, Bb clarinet, and bassoon

Threshold (1987) for saxophone quartet, Roncorp, Inc.

Contrariety (1985) for Bb clarinet solo. Dorn Publications

Fluctuation (1982) for woodwind quintet

Polarity and Convergence (1979) for flute duet

Brass Ensembles

​Coalescence Two  (2015) for trumpet solo

​Cryptic Antiphon (2014) for trombone choir with two percussionists

Fanfare for Tomorrow (1989) for brass quintet

Antagonists (1985) for twelve trumpets

Paradoxical Compression (1983) for trombone, euphonium and tuba

Octiphonal (1982) for eight trombones

Derivatives (1980) for brass quintet

Percussion: Solo/Ensemble

Elusive Rounds (2020)  for two glockenspiels. Bachovich Music Publications:


Village Square  (2018) for percussion quartet


...just ain't no such thing as dying  (2018) for multiple percussion duo

Solstice Introspect ​(2017) for vibraphone trio

No Baggage  For Percussion Quartet (2015) for handheld instruments

Pentagonal Waves  (2015) for five drums, timpani solo. Bachovich Music

Coalescence One (2014) for drumset solo

Recombinant  (2013) for percussion ensemble with thirteen players

Protagonist  (2011) for percussion quartet with tom tom soloist (six drums)

Of a Just Content  (2010) for percussion solo with spoken and sung text

Extremities  (2010) for xylophone solo, Bachovich Music

Concerto for Euphonium and Percussion Quintet (2009) Bachovich Music

Camouflage  (2008) for contrabass solo and percussion trio

Etude in Two Places  (2008) for snare drum solo. Bachovich Music

Diffusion One  (2007) for marimba quintet

Five Marimba Miniatures (2007-09)

Diffusion Two  (2007) for snare drum quartet

Camaraderie  (2006) for timpani solo and percussion ensemble. Keyboard Percussion Publications

Demons Before Dawn (2006) for bass flute and percussion trio. Studio Four Music

Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble (seven players) (2006). Keyboard Percussion Publications

Equilateral (2005) for triangle trio

Resonant Canvass (2004) for multiple percussion solo. Studio Four Music

Road Traversed and Reversed for Marimba Duo (2004). Keyboard Percussion Publications

Khromas Diabolus (2002) for percussion ensemble (five players) and trombone solo. Dorn Publications

Dissolve (2001) for percussion ensemble, eight players. C. Alan Publications

Alicante Quartet (2001) for percussion ensemble, four players

Talea (2001) for percussion ensemble, six players. C. Alan Publications

Anadlusian Haiku (2001) for castanet duo. Studio Four Music

Two Antiphonal Portraits (2000) for percussion ensemble, twelve players. C. Alan Publications

Shadow on Mist (1999) for percussion ensemble with flute solo. Studio Four Music

Reverberations (1999) for timpani solo. Studio Four Music

Tamboo Bamboo (1996) for Steel Drum Orchestra

Lignumvitae (1995) for percussion trio. Studio Four Music

Times Two (1995) for percussion duo. C. Alan Publications

Five Elementary Etudes for Percussion Quartet (1991)

Alloy (1990) for percussion trio. Studio Four Music

Variation sans Theme (1989) for snare drum solo, Studio Four Music

Ambience (1988) for percussion septet

Stratum (1981) for marimba quartet. Studio Four Music

Echogenesis (1980) for percussion quartet. Colla Voce Music

Three Movements for Unaccompanied Marimba (1979). Colla Voce Music


Limitless Out Of The Dusk (2020) for solo piano

Quinquagenary Horizon (2019) for guitar


Interior Junctions (2012) for viola and cello 

From a Visible Darkness (2007) for contrabass solo

Between Stillness and Motion (2004) for piano solo

Embracing Personal History  (2003)for violin solo

Birds Sing in Other Places  (2002) for viola sextet

Guadalquivir (2000) for viola, harp, and piano. Dorn Publications

Quandary (1999) for violin and guitar. Alfieri e Ranieri Publishing

Dreamer's Cartography (1999) for cello and piano

Polyduality (1991) for cello solo

Diaphanous (1989) for two harps

Alchemy (1987) for viola solo

Lake Surprise (1987) for piano trio

Double Helix (1987) for two pianos

Hexonic (1985) for guitar solo

Topographical Endeavor (1985) for contrabass solo

The Glass Bead Game (1981/84) for piano solo

Dialogue for Two Violins (1978)

Transformation for String Quartet (1978)


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