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Trio One Eight Zero for flute, cello, and piano was released on a CD entitled KAPH distributed by Phasma Music in Athens, Greece.

Reflecting Pool  for clarinet and bass clarinet on "Drift," a CD released on November 20, 2020 on Navona Records.  Performers: Christopher Nichols and Christy Banks, clarinet. Released on November 20, 2020.


Road Traversed and Reversed  for marimba duo on "Patterns," a CD  released on August 9, 2019 by Navona Records. Road Traversed and Reversed was recorded at Springs Theatre Studio, Tampa, FL by percussionists Robert McCormick and Lee Hinkle, and engineered by John Zumwalt Stephan.  

Click Here To Purchase From Navona Records

Solstice Introspect for vibraphone trio on “Sustain”, The McCormick Percussion Group. Navona Records, (NV6207), 2019 Click Here To Purchase From Navona Records

Serpentine Glow for bass flute on "HE," performed by flautist Iwona Glinka and released by Phasma-Music, 2019  (UPC: 660989085599). Recorded at Subway Recording Studios  in Athens, Greece. 

Congruent Verses for English Horn solo on "Millennial Masters Volume 9." Performed by Andrew Nogal at Windy Apple Studios, River Forrest, IL. Ablaze Records, 2019 (ar-00049). 


Of a Just Content on “Theatrical Music for Solo Percussion", Lee Hinkle percussion and voice. Albany Records (Troy 1524), 2015. Click Here To Buy From Albany Records


Concerto for Euphonium and Percussion Quintet, on “Praxis.” Performed by Brian Meixner, euphonium, with Gate City Percussion. Potenza Music, 2014. Click Here To Purchase From Potenza Music.


Camouflage for Contrabass Solo with Percussion Trio, on “Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra” performed by the McCormick Percussion Group, Dee Moses, contrabass. Ravello Records (RR7820), 2012. Click Here To Purchase From Ravello Records


Between for flute and marimba on "McDuo," a CD of works for flute and percussion by the McCormick Duo (Kim McCormick, flute and Robert McCormick, percussion).  Ravello Records (RR7814), 2011. Click here To Buy From Ravello Records.


Diffusion One for marimba quintet on "Music for Keyboard Percussions, " the McCormick Percussion Group, Robert McCormick, Director.  Ravello Records, (RR7804), 2010. Click Here To Purchase From Ravello Records.


Demons Before Dawn for bass flute and percussion trio on "Culture Samples," concerti for flute with percussion orchestra. The McCormick Percussion Group, Kim McCormick, solo flute, Capstone Records. (CPS-8801), 2008. Click Here To Purchase From Ravello Records


Concerto for Timpani, Percussion and Winds on “Pipes and Drums, New Concertos for Unusual Instruments,” the University of South Florida Symphonic Wind Ensemble conducted by William Wiedrich. Robert McCormick solo timpanist. Capstone Records, CPS-8802, 2008.


Motet, a movement from Performance Studies for Two Snare Drums included on "Timpanum Ubiquitas," a CD of music for snare drum. HoneyRock.


Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble  on "Marimba Concerti,"  the McCormick Percussion Ensemble. Capstone Records, (CPS 8775), 2006.  

Khromas Diabolus for trombone solo and percussion ensemble on "Greetings From Nacusa," performed by the McCormick Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Robert McCormick. Trombone soloist: Tom Brantley. National Association of Composers, USA (NAC001), 2005. 

Between Stillness and Motion for piano solo on "Melange," Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi, piano. Capstone Records (CPS 8755), 2005.

Twilight Remembered, title piece for "Twilight Remembered," the McCormick Duo (Kim McCormick, flute and Robert McCormick, percussion). Capstone Records (CPS 8721), 2003.  

Quandary for violin and guitar duo on "Untaming the Fury," performed by Duo 46: Matthew Gould, guitar, Beth Schneider-Gould, violin. Summit Records (DCD 346), 2002. Click Here To Buy From Summit Records.  

"Shadow On Mist,"  a CD of music for percussion solo, percussion ensemble, and percussion with winds, performed by the McCormick Percussion Ensemble, The New Music Tampa Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and soloists Robert and Kim McCormick. Capstone Records (CPS 8705), 2002.  Click Here To Buy From Apple Music

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